Sponsoring Overseas' Workers

Can’t find suitably skilled Australian workers for your business in Australia?

At Chapter 2 Australia we can help Australian and overseas companies to bring suitable skilled foreign workers to Australia, to overcome the skills-shortage in certain occupations and meet your business needs.

Both the employer and the nominated skilled worker visa are subject to a number of requirements and obligations which depend on the particular visa:

  • Nomination and sponsorship of a skilled worker for a Temporary Short Skill Visa (TSS), to work in the business for up to 4 years, subject to eligible occupation) - further details below
  • Employer nomination of a skilled worker for a permanent visa under the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) 186
  • Employer nomination and sponsorship of a skilled worker for a permanent visa under the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) 187

Contact Chapter 2 Australia to discuss your requirements and determine the best option for your business: We will take into consideration in which occupations you need skilled workers, how soon you need them, how long you need them for, and the location in which they will be working.

Based on your requirements, we will plan and manage the entire application process, including becoming an approved sponsor, preparing the nomination- and visa application, and liaising with the Department of Home Affairs  (DoHA) on your behalf, until a decision is made.

  • Our focus: Getting to know our clients and their priorities, followed by good planning, to achieve the desired outcome and lasting business relationships.

Sending Employees to Australia

There are several visa options available to (overseas') companies to deploy staff in Australia. Which option is best depends on the objectives and circumstances of the parties involved. (Heading:) Short-term work visa for highly skilled staff

Temporary Work Visa (Short Stay Specialist) (400)

This is a short stay visa (3 months) for people undertaking highly specialised work, or work that is in Australia's interest. The applicant must have an invitation from an enterprise in Australia, but does not require sponsorship or nomination by an employer.

Business Visitor Visa (600)

This short-term visitor visa (subclass 600 - Business Visitor Stream) lets you visit Australia for 3 months or less, to attend business meetings or to explore business opportunities. It does not provide work rights.

(Until 17/3/2018:) Temporary Work (skilled) Subclass 457 Visa

On 18/3/2018 the Temporary Skilled Work Visa (457) was abolished and replaced with the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa (482). This means, no new applications for a 457-visa can be made.
457-visas that have been granted already will remain valid; 457-visa applications lodged before 18/3/2018 will be assessed under the 457-visa regulations in force prior to 18/3/2018.
In many cases, 457-Visa holders can become eligible, to apply for a permanent employer sponsored visa in the future, under transition regulations ('grandfathering arrangements') released by the Department for Home Affairs (DoHA). Contact us to find out if or when workers employed on a 457-visa can become eligible to apply for a permanent employer-sponsored visa. 

to under proress to .  in .  this meon 18/3/2018.  ill remain the most commonly used visa to enable businesses in Australia to employ skilled workers from overseas. The sponsoring employer can be a business in Australia or overseas but must be an approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). There are numerous obligations and requirements both for an SBS and for the (prospective) holder of a 457 visa. Chapter 2 Australia can prepare an individual application for either SBS, 457-nomination or 457 visa application, or alternatively, prepare a combination of these applications as required.

From 18/3/2018: Sponsoring skilled workers for a temporary visa - Temporary Short Skill (TSS) Visa (482)

On 18 March 2018 the TSS - visa replaced the 457 visa, as the visa that enables businesses in Australia to sponsor and employ skilled workers in certain occupations from overseas for 2 years (or longer, depending on the occupation).

The sponsoring employer can be a business in Australia or overseas but must be an approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS).  The approval generally lasts for 3 years and there is a limit to the number of employees who can be sponsored over this time.
The Department of Home Affairs has advised it is planning to simplify the sponsorship renewal application process for current sponsors.

TSS visa applicants need to be nominated and sponsored for an eligible occupation by their approved Standard Business Sponsor (SBS). Depending on the nominated occupation, a TSS Visa can be issued for 2 years or for 4 years.

Occupations that are only eligible for a 2-year TSS visa in most cases do not have a pathway for a permanent visa. Occupations that are eligible for a 4-year TSS visa have a pathway - after 3 years on the TSS visa - to a permanent employer sponsored visa.

Nominating skilled foreign workers for a permanent visa (186, 187)

Experienced skilled foreign workers can be nominated by an employer for a permanent visa in selected occupations. There are 2 types of permanent employer sponsored visas. For further details see 'Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visas'

Starting a Business in Australia

Thinking of starting or buying a business in Australia? If you have a successful track record in business or investment, you may be eligible for a visa designed for this purpose and qualify for permanent residency after your Australian business interests have become established.

Australia offers provisional and permanent visa options for (successful) business people and investors. To view the range of visas suited to business people and investors, visit our Business and Investor visa page

Help to Enter the Australian Market

At Chapter 2 Australia we work with reputable experts and service providers across Australia, who have the knowledge and expertise required to assist newcomers to get established and thrive in Australia. Contact us to discuss if and how we can introduce you to some of our contacts for your benefit.