What is a Registered Migration Agent?

A Registered Migration Agent (RMA) is a person who is professionally trained and licenced to assist clients with visas and immigration matters to come or remain in Australia. RMAs do not work for the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA)

RMAs are regulated by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and bound by a Code of Conduct 

RMAs must engage in continuous professional development to keep up to date with changes in immigration law and policy.

Chapter 2 Australia is licensed under the Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN) 1790167.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

Engaging a Registered Migration Agent has several important benefits:

  • An RMA is obliged under the <a href="https://www.mara.gov.au/media/553229/Code_of_Conduct_April_2017.pdf">Code of Conduct</a>, to act in the client's best interest and within the law;
  • An RMA is required to keep up with the frequent changes in Immigration law and policy - clients can therefore be confident of receiving accurate and reliable professional advice
  • Australian Migration Law is highly complex and - along with policy- subject to change; for this reason only RMAs (and lawyers) are permitted by law to provide migration advice and assistance in Australia. Currently migration agents outside Australia are not subject to any Australian regulations or authority.